Welcome! This page provides some necessary resources to be a successful educator to our medical student learners. Please see below for a list of policies, graduation competencies, learning objectives and required clinical experiences.

The M.D. curriculum is driven by the Graduation Competencies. These educational program objectives are the competencies the UC Davis School of Medicine expects of graduates of the M.D. program. All course/clerkship objectives are derived from the Graduation Competencies.

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Each M.D. course and clerkship have course/learning objectives. Learning objectives are specific, observable, and measurable expected outcomes that medical students are expected to attain in a course. Learning objectives in the clerkships and post-clerkship required courses are linked to the Graduation Competencies.

Below are the links to the Course Learning Objectives on the course websites:

The faculty of a medical school define the types of patients and clinical conditions that medical students are required to encounter, the skills to be performed by medical students, the appropriate clinical settings for these experiences, and the expected levels of medical student responsibility.

Clerkships and some post-clerkship courses require certain clinical experiences.

Required clinical experiences for each required clinical course will be provided to residents by course directors.

Medical students’ completion of clinical experiences will be the responsibility of the course director.

The Mistreatment Incident Reporting Tool is now available to residents and fellows. Please click here to report any instances of mistreatment. Reports can be anonymous.