Main Hospital (Sacramento Campus)

UC Davis Medical Center

The Department of Radiology provides patient care and resident training in the inpatient and outpatient facilities of the UC Davis Medical Center campus in Sacramento, California. Within the hospital is one 16-detector CT unit, two 64-detector CT units, and one dual energy CT scanner. There is currently one 3.0 Tesla magnetic resonance imaging (MRI) system and two 1.5 Tesla MRI systems.  We currently have three recently renovated angiographic suites, four ultrasound examination rooms equipped with state-of-the-art ultrasound units and two additional ultrasound units for portable examinations.

Department of Radiology

There are two fluoroscopy rooms for gastrointestinal and uroradiology studies, and a well-equipped pediatric fluoroscopy suite.  Four radiographic rooms provide in-patient plain films and two dedicated radiographic rooms support the emergency department. The Division of Nuclear Medicine has two whole body SPECT cameras, 3 SPECT/CT cameras, one single head camera and a PET/CT scanner focused on cardiac testing.  The Division of Nuclear Medicine also has a thyroid probe for thyroid uptake.


Department of RadiologyThe pleasant and modern surroundings of the Lawrence J. Ellison Ambulatory Care Center are dedicated to outpatient imaging.  The Ellison Building contains a fully equipped mammographic suite with three new mammographic units, two breast ultrasound units, and a dedicated digital stereotactic breast biopsy unit.  Breast imaging services include screening exams, diagnostic workups and biopsy procedures under x-ray, ultrasound or MRI guidance.  Six ultrasound rooms contain fully equipped high-resolution computerized sonography units with full color and pulse Doppler capability as well as 3D capability.  A high-speed helical CT unit provides the capability for helical CT scanning, CT angiography, and three-dimensional CT.  A 1.5 Tesla MRI unit is equipped with state-of-the-art echo-planar hardware and software identical to the in-patient 1.5 Tesla MRI units. The facility also features a brand new 1.5 Tesla wide bore MRI unit that allows for improved patient comfort and access as well as a dedicated 1.0 Tesla MRI extremity scanner.  Comprehensive Non-Invasive vascular lab services are offered which include three duplex Ultrasound rooms and one peripheral arterial physiologic room.  The facility also features a state of the art PET/CT scanner focusing on Oncology testing. General x-ray services include 6 diagnostic rooms and one fluoroscopic procedure room as well as a DEXA camera for bone density testing.

The Shriner's Children's Hospital, providing orthopedic, burn, and rehabilitation care free of charge for children, is located on the UC Davis Medical Center campus.  The Department of Radiology provides all plain film interpretation and specialized radiologic support (CT, MR, Nuclear Med, US) for Shriner’s Hospital patients. 

The department also provides radiology support for an expanding UC Davis Medical Group, with 13 primary care sites currently in the Sacramento region.

  • Auburn
    Diagnostic X-Ray and Ultrasound
  • Capitol
    Diagnostic X-Ray
  • Carmichael / Cirtus Heights
    Diagnostic X-Ray and Ultrasound
  • Davis
    Diagnostic X-Ray
  • Elk Grove
    Diagnostic X-Ray and Ultrasound
  • Folsom
    Diagnostic X-Ray, Ultrasound and Mammography
  • J Street
    Diagnostic X-Ray
  • Rancho Cordova
    Diagnostic X-Ray
  • Roseville
    Diagnostic X-Ray
  • C Street Spine Clinic
    Diagnostic X-Ray

Placer Center for Health (Rocklin Campus)

UC Davis Health System offers expanded radiological services for Rocklin, Roseville, Lincoln and south Placer County. The UC Davis Medical Group, Rocklin, located in the new Placer Center for Health, features state-of-the-art equipment and a wide range of imaging procedures. Services are available to both UC Davis Health System patients and to the public at large.

Radiological services at the dignostic imaging center include:

  • CT
  • MRI
  • Ultrasound
  • X-Ray
  • Mammography
  • Bone Density
  • Vascular Disease Evaluation