Medical Staff Physicians (MSPs)

The Department of Radiology appreciates our Medical Staff Physician (MSP) faculty who provide a rich knowledge base and clinical expertise. They provide support for our sections and serve to complement our faculty team. If you are interested in an appointment as MSP, please reach out via the contact information below.

Robert Torrance Andrews, MD

Robert Torrance Andrews, M.D.

Associate Physician Diplomate

Frederick A. Birnberg, MDFrederick A. Birnberg, M.D.

Associate Physician Diplomate


Elham Najafpour, MDElham Najafpour, M.D.

Associate Physician


Bonna Rogers-Neufeld, MDBonna Rogers-Neufeld, M.D.

Associate Physician Diplomate

Lotfi Hacein-Bey, MD

Lotfi Hacein-Bey, M.D.

Associate Physician Diplomate

Long Tran MDLong Tran, D.O.

Associate Physician Diplomate


Geoffrey McWilliams, D.O.Geoffrey McWilliams, D.O.

Associate Physician


Felix Wong, M.D.Felix Wong, M.D.

Associate Physician


Volunteer Clinical Physicians/Physicists (VCPs)

The Department of Radiology values our Volunteer Clinical Professors to educate young physicians and scientists, provide health care to our community and work within our faculty network on research initiatives. If you are interested in an appointment as VCP, please review the benefits and then reach out to our team via the contract information below.

Royce J. Biddle, MD

Royce J. Biddle, M.D.

Clinical Instructor

Jerrold Bushberg, PhD

Jerrold Bushberg, Ph.D.

Clinical Professor

Farhad Farzanegan, MD

Farhad Farzanegan, M.D.

Associate Clinical Professor

Terry Jones, DSc

Terry Jones, D.Sc.

Clinical Professor

Thaddeus A. Laird, MD

Thaddeus A. Laird, M.D.

Assistant Clinical Professor

Charles A. Tujo, MD

Charles A. Tujo, M.D.

Clinical Professor

For more information about applying for MSP or VCP appointment, please contact:

Hue To
Academic Human Resources Analyst II
Department of Radiology
4860 Y Street Suite 3100
Sacramento, CA 95817

Phone: 916-734-5732