The abdominal imaging faculty is dedicated to the diagnosis and treatment of disorders of the abdomen and pelvis as well as obstetrical imaging. Abdominal imaging use ultrasound, CT and MRI to image patients with suspected disease in the abdomen or pelvis.  Cross-sectional imaging in the abdomen is performed to examine the liver, pancreas, adrenal, kidneys and pelvic organs.  In addition, the abdominal imaging faculty use ultrasound and MRI to evaluate pregnant patients.  These faculty perform interventional techniques guided by ultrasound or CT including percutaneous tissue biopsy for suspected malignancies, aspiration or drainage of fluid collections, cyst sclerosis and percutaneous radiofrequency ablation (RFA) of tumors in the abdomen or pelvis.

Abdominal imaging faculty

  • John P. McGahan, M.D.
  • Raymond Dougherty, M.D.
  • Eugenio Gerscovich, M.D.
  • Michael Corwin, M.D.
  • Giselle Melendres, M.D.
  • Ghaneh Fananapazir, M.D.
  • Sumayya Jawadi, M.D.
  • Ramit Lamba, M.D.
  • Sima Naderi, M.D.
  • Thomas Loehfelm, M.D.
  • Simran Sekon, M.D.