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The UC Davis Radiology Student Interest Group (SIG) provides opportunities and resources to medical students interested in learning about the exciting and evolving field of Radiology. Whether interested in Radiology, Surgery, Internal Medicine or Primary Care as a specialty, understanding the role of Diagnostic and Interventional Radiology will strengthen a career in Medicine.

For junior students, the Student Interest Group may arrange for shadowing opportunities.  Research projects are available and may be coordinated based on interests and faculty participation.  Students should contact below advisors to arrange shadowing of a Radiology faculty member and/or explore research opportunities.

SIG Faculty Advisor:
Amol Shah, M.D.
Assistant Clinical Professor
Vascular & Interventional Radiology
UC Davis Health, School of Medicine

Senior medical students may rotate through Radiology subspecialties, as well as the new ACGME specialty of Interventional Radiology, in dedicated four-week rotations during their third and fourth years. Collaborate with UC Davis School of Medicine, Office of Medical Education, on selective options posted in the eFlight scheduling application: Fourth year medical students are able to sign in and view the catalogue of courses for rotations offered and third year medical students will be able to view the public catalogue. The Radiology Course Coordinator or Instructor of Record can provide further information on these opportunities.

Instructor of Record:
Cyrus Bateni, M.D.

Health Sciences Associate Clinical Professor
Department of Radiology
UC Davis Health, School of Medicine

Course Coordinator:
Peggy Orlando

Education Conference Coordinator
Department of Radiology
UC Davis Health, School of Medicine