• Diagnostic Mammography

    Diagnostic Mammography

Diagnostic Mammography

General Information:
•    Diagnostic Mammograms are done when a patient or their physician notices a problem with their breasts, such as a lump, unusual nipple discharge, nipple retraction, dimpling or skin thickening
•    Follow-up from a recent screening mammogram is also a diagnostic.  The exam is done according to your recent mammogram report.

Pre-Procedure Information:
•    Please arrive 20 mins prior to your scheduled appointment.  
•    On the day of your exam, do not use powder, perfume or deodorant, and wear a two-piece garment.  

During your exam:
•    The technologist will target a specific area using tomo (3D) or 2D imaging, which may require dedicated compression to the area of interest.  
•    Breast compression is necessary to obtain quality images for the radiologist, and also decreases your radiation dose.
•    Once the images have been taken the compression paddle will be released.   
•    The radiologist will review your images and determine if you need further imaging by mammograms or an ultrasound.
•    Please allow your exam to take 1-2 hours.  

Post-Procedure Information:
•    The radiologist/ technologist will review your results with you after your exam is completed.  
•    The results will also be sent to your physician.  
•    Follow-up with your physician if needed.