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    Pre-Surgical Localization

Pre-Surgical Localization

General Information:
Pre-Surgical Localization procedure is performed prior to your surgery.  This is done to assist the surgeon to find the area to be removed.  We will place a wire that has a hook on the end to stay in place, and will be localized by the surgeon in the operating room.   If your surgeon has requested a radioactive seed, then a radioactive seed will be placed up to 7 days prior to your surgery date.  The radiologist will determine if mammography, ultrasound or MRI guidance is needed.   

Pre – Procedure:
•    This exam is done in Mammography, Lawrence Ellison Building, Lower Level Suite 0500.
•    The procedure will take approximately 60 minutes.

During Procedure:
Using the imaging guidance determined by the radiologist, the area is identified for the needle localization.  After the area has been cleaned, the radiologist places a small needed through which a wire will be placed.  Adjustments to the wire with different views will be done before a final two view gentle mammogram is done to confirm the position of the wire for the surgeon. If a seed is being placed then the seed will be placed and the needle removed before a gentle mammogram. The wire will be secured using tape and gauze before going to the main hospital. The seed will remain in your breast until the surgeon removes it during surgery.

Post – Procedure Information:
•    Transport will be arranged to take you to the main hospital.