• Xray and Fluoroscopy Scheduling

    UC Davis Radiology Scheduling X-Ray and Fluoroscopy

Our section serves over 45, 000 patients every year. Our priority is to see you in a timely manner with your safety and comfort in mind. The following, are the common steps which take place prior to your X-Ray and Fluoroscopy Exams. Please make sure you follow the steps listed below
Your Primary Care Physician (PCP) or Specialist will order your X-Ray or Fluoroscopy Exam
Your ordered exam will need to be approved by your insurance provider. ( We will do everything possible to facilitate this process, however, please note that most of the insurance provider approvals are beyond our control and have an expiration period)

-See the list of accepted Health Plans-

Routine X-Ray exams are done on walk-in basis in any of our locations.
Please be advised
For Fluoroscopy Exams (VCUG, Upper GI, Arthrogram, Barium Swallow, etc)

Your Doctor’s Office will schedule your appointment
You are asked to call Radiology Scheduling Line at 916-734-0655
Things you will be asked while scheduling your appointment
Date of birth
Insurance information
If you are claustrophobic
If you need General Anesthesia
If you have history of kidney disease
If you are currently on dialysis
History of any surgeries
If you have any medically implanted devices (AICD, Pacemaker, VNS, Medicine Pump, Cochlear implants)

Arriving for your appointment

Please make sure you arrive at least 20 minutes early prior to your scheduled appointment. This will allow you to complete the required safety and insurance paperwork

Please make sure you are arriving at correct location