Procedure times vary greatly in Interventional Radiology. A simple G-tube change with no sedation is about five minutes. A cerebral angiogram with aneurysm coiling can take over four hours.

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We ask that you leave nonessential valuables at home. Once you arrive to the pre-procedure area you will most likely be asked to change into a patient gown. Your clothes and shoes will be placed in a patient belongings bag which you will take into the procedure room.

Most procedures in IR require three healthcare professionals: An Interventional Radiologist (MD), a Radiology Nurse, and an X-ray Technologist. Of course depending on your procedure you could have more or less people caring for you.

The short answer is no, but all patients will receive instruction from a Radiology Nurse one to two days before their procedure to explain medication and food restrictions.

During your procedure you will be made as comfortable as possible. Positioning sponges, warm blankets, local anesthesia and conscious sedation are all available depending on your procedure.