Tobacco Cessation Policy Research Center


California’s tobacco policy efforts with public health have been successful in creating social norm change that has reduced tobacco use and disease faster than other states in the U.S. However, California’s health care systems and plans have been slow to include or prioritize tobacco cessation. A 2021 tobacco cessation summit identified key areas to advance tobacco cessation in California. To support California’s aspirations towards a tobacco “Endgame” that maintains low levels of tobacco use, tobacco cessation is a key part of the plan.

Mission and Goals

The Tobacco Cessation Policy Research Center (TCPRC) is a multidisciplinary collaborative effort bringing together academic researchers, community and advocacy organizations, and policy stakeholders. Based in Sacramento at the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center, the TCPRC serves, but is not limited to, Northern California and beyond.


The TCPRC's mission is to enhance healthcare access, promote excellence in healthcare delivery, facilitate community engagement, and achieve equity in health plan coverage by building capacity.


The TCPRC’s goals: 1) Generate evidence for tobacco cessation policies, 2) Collaborate with stakeholders to optimize policy impact, and 3) Develop a researcher pipeline for mission sustainability.


Elisa Tong, M.D., M.A. Elisa Tong is the TCPRC Director and Principal Investigator.  TCPRC organizational partners include American Cancer Society Cancer Action Network as the lead advocacy organization, UCLA for health economic and tobacco policy expertise, and UC Center Sacramento to facilitate policy stakeholder engagement. The TCPRC includes four Cores (Administration, Evaluation, Community, and Training) and Scientific and Community Advisory Boards. 

Rapid Response Policy Projects

For the first two years, Rapid Response policy projects address key areas for existing and potential legislative policies for tobacco cessation. The four studies address health care access with community pharmacies, health care delivery with substance use disorder facilities, health care engagement on flavored tobacco product cessation, and health plan reform for coverage.

Training Opportunities

Check back soon for:

  • Pilot Grants
  • Graduate Opportunities for Leadership Development (GOLD) Fellowships with UC Center Sacramento
  • Learning Series


TCPRC funding is by the California Tobacco-Related Disease Research Program.  GOLD Fellowships are funded by the UC Davis Comprehensive Cancer Center.