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Financial Counseling

We Can Help Obtain Payment Authorizations for You.

We understand that a cancer diagnosis can cause financial as well as emotional burdens for patients. We’re here to help. We carefully review each patient’s insurance for in-network and out-of-network coverage, and discuss options that are available to help pay for lung cancer care.

Our patient service representative can ask our estimating unit to tally your anticipated share of cost beforehand. Those estimates meet the criteria of the federal No Surprises Act to protect patients like you against unanticipated charges. Some, but not all, pharmaceutical plans have co-pay assistance for high-cost or non-covered drugs. Our estimating team will:

  • contact you
  • review your insurance coverage
  • explain your benefits and eligibility for coverage of diagnostic tests and treatment
  • calculate an estimate
  • obtain pre-authorizations from insurers for your treatment
  • connect you if necessary with funding sources such as Medicare and Medi-Cal

We’ll even help you develop a payment plan for your out-of-pocket and self-payment costs.