Mission statement

  • It is the mission of the Department of Dermatology to train Dermatologists with a broad range of skills, talents, educational and cultural backgrounds to become excellent clinicians and care for the diverse population of Sacramento and beyond.

Program aims

  • To prepare residents for academic practice or post-graduate fellowships, if they so desire. This includes the opportunity for protected research time in appropriate circumstances
  • To train physicians who will give back to the profession. This could include research, leadership at local, regional, or national levels, advocacy, care for the underserved, education, mentoring, etc
  • To train ethical physicians who always provide care that is in the best interest of their patients.
  • To instill an excitement and enthusiasm for dermatology, which will translate to a desire for life-long learning
  • To create a collegial and positive atmosphere that enhances learning and makes the practice of medicine enjoyable
  • To create an environment that promotes resident well-being, and helps them develop habits that will support an appropriate work-life balance throughout their professional career
  • To select and develop faculty who are dedicated to teaching and who are well-equipped to support and carry out programmatic aims.