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The Department of Dermatology at UCD has faculty performing basic and translational research covering a wide array of dermatological issues ranging from skin biology and development along with numerous disorders/pathogenic states with a strong track record in extramural funding. These include: psoriasis, chronic graft-versus-host disease after allogeneic hematopoietic stem cell transplantation, burns, wound healing and cancer including melanoma and virally induced cancers. There has been extensive translational research in the areas of diet on disease progression, impact of the microbiome as well as genetic and immunological studies for melanoma treatment. Aside from laboratories at the UCD Medical Center in Sacramento and the university main campus in Davis, research faculty in the department have laboratories as well as joint appointments at Shriner’s Hospital and the VA Medical Center. There are also extensive collaborative research project with the UCD School of Veterinary Medicine (which has a veterinary dermatology residency program), School of Engineering and the UCD Primate Center (one of seven national primate research laboratories). Dermatology faculty are also active members of the UCD Comprehensive Cancer Center and the Institute for Regenerative Medicine which are both based in Sacramento.

Resident involvement in research is strongly encouraged.  Depending on the project, residents can arrange for protected time to pursue research along with our faculty.

Please see the ‘Research’ section of our website for more information on Departmental research.