residents clinic specialties

Dermatologic Surgery

Our department has 4 fellowship trained Mohs surgeons on staff.  Mohs surgery is performed at our C Street location and at the Mather VA.  General excisional surgery is performed at all of our sites. Residents rotate through 3 blocks of surgery every year.


We have 3 dermatopathologists at our C Street location, and one at the Mather VA.  At C Street, our dermatopathology service is on-site, meaning that when you are seeing a patient, you can walk across the hall and look at their slide, or discuss with the dermatopathologists.  On-site dermatopathology also improves ease and accessibility of didactic training.

Pediatric Dermatology

Dr. Smita Awasthi is our fellowship trained pediatric dermatologist.  She has clinics at both C Street and Cadillac Drive, and covers inpatient pediatric consultations as well.

Inpatient Consult Service

We have a busy inpatient consultation service.  We have two dedicated attendings who are experts on inpatient medicine.  Residents rotate through this service every year, but all interesting cases are shared either at grand rounds or our CPC (clinical-pathologic correlation) sessions.


Dr. Jayne Joo directs our cosmetic surgery service at our Cadillac Drive location.  This encompasses a full range of procedures including fillers, botulinum toxin, surgical procedures, and lasers.  In addition, we have periodic evening teaching sessions where residents recruit patients and inject donated materials (fillers and botulinum toxin) at no charge to the patient. 

Hair and Multicultural Dermatology

Dr. Oma Agbai runs our specialty clinics devoted to hair loss. For information about Dr. Oma Agbai's clinic check out "Boldly Learning: Dr. Oma Agbai."


Dr. Alain Brassard and Dr. Danielle Tartar direct a clinic dedicated to diagnosis and treatment of autoimmune diseases.

Psoriasis, Rheumatology-Dermatology

Dr. Sam Hwang runs a multidisciplinary clinic along with Dr. Siba Raychaudhuri (rheumatology).

Immunobullous Disease and Complex Medical Dermatology

Dr. Emanual Maverakis directs this clinic for patients with difficult to manage immunobullous diseases, and for patients with complex medical dermatologic problems requiring aggressive and innovative treatment approaches.

Contact dermatitis

Dr. Peggy Wu directs our active contact dermatitis specialty clinic at our Cadillac Drive location, with extensive patch testing capability.  Dr. Apra Sood at the Mather VA is also a national expert on contact dermatitis.

Oral Medicine

These clinics are run by Dr. Nasim Fazel, who is trained both in dentistry and dermatology, and is a national authority on oral medicine, as well as specialty expertise in vulvar disease. 

Resident Continuity Clinic

Resident continuity clinic is held every other Thursday.  We break the residents up into 5 groups (each with 3 residents and one attending).  The residents follow the same cohort of patients over the entire 3-year residency.  We rotate the attendings every 6 months to expose the residents to a variety of treatment approaches. 

Outside specialties

We have relationships with other departments and periodically send residents to other clinics or conferences, such as the Genetics clinic and the Vascular Malformations multidisciplinary conference.

Elective opportunities

The department allows 3 weeks of optional elective time for residents to pursue clinical opportunities of interest outside of our department.      

Volunteer Clinics

The University is affiliated with a number of student-run free clinics throughout Sacramento. Residents are encouraged to volunteer and provide specialty care to these underserved populations. For information, check out "UC Davis School of Medicine: Affiliated Student Run Clinics."