In order to offer the broadest training, we utilize several different training sites, and offer multiple areas of subspecialty expertise.  Essentially all of our facilities are located in Sacramento, within a 20-minute drive from our main clinic.

C St

Our main clinic is located at 3301 C street, in East Sacramento, about a 15-minute drive from the main hospital.  This is also the site of our academic offices and teaching conferences.  Clinical activities include

  • General Dermatologic Clinics
  • Subspecialty Clinics
  • Mohs Surgery
  • Dermatopathology
    • Dermatopathology and DermPath Lab are onsite with the clinics
  • Phototherapy
    • Includes one of the regions only UVA-1 treatment unit

Cadillac Drive

Our offices on Cadillac Drive are the site of additional general dermatology clinics, as well as our cosmetic clinics and contact dermatitis/patch test subspecialty service


This is a large staff-model HMO and is a prominent health-care provider in Northern California.  The clinical rotation emphasizes efficient delivery of patient care in an integrated health system model.


Our residents rotate through the Mather VA.  This is a large hospital and outpatient clinic serving a large area of Northern California.  Residents assume primary responsibility for a wide variety of patient care and hands-on skin surgery.   Excellent clinical attendings include experts in dermatopathology, contact dermatitis, wound healing, and Mohs surgery.