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About Us

Facilities Planning and Development supports UC Davis Health’s mission to deliver excellent, innovative healthcare and improve lives.

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Who We Are

The UC Davis Health Facilities Planning and Development division (FP&D) is responsible for planning and executing UC Davis Health’s commitment to providing cutting-edge healthcare to the Sacramento region and beyond. At the forefront of this mission is UC Davis Health’s unparalleled capital program, known as “Vision 2030” – currently valued at $7.5 billion and one of the largest of its kind in the United States. The delivery of this incredible program requires a dedicated and expert team of planning, design, construction and real estate professionals managing a total portfolio of projects numbering in the hundreds.

Beyond Vision 2030, FP&D advises and assists UC Davis Health’s leadership with the planning, oversight and allocation of investments in future and existing capital and space improvements for all of UC Davis Health. FP&D’s diverse portfolio ranges from small office renovations to state-of-the-art hospital buildings, not only at the Medical Center in Sacramento but throughout the region. In addition to construction projects, FP&D manages furniture planning and replacements, medical equipment replacements, lease negotiations and lease space property management, capital and space planning, and serves as the building official for UC Davis Health.

Leadership Org Chart and Directors List

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Our Teams

The Facilities Planning & Development (FP&D) division is comprised of six departments: Business Administration, Facilities Planning, Strategic Programs, Project Delivery, Compliance and Real Estate Development & Management. FP&D is led by Executive Director Jason Nietupski and supported by Associate Executive Director Tom Van Pelt, Executive Director of Project Delivery Vicky Vicente, Executive Director of Strategic Programs Jill Tomczyk and 10 Team Directors.

Departments and teams are broken down into the following structure:

Business Administration oversees Budget, Business Operations, Business Systems, Communications, Contracts and Project Controls.

Associate Executive Director: Tom Van Pelt

Facilities Planning includes the Capital Planning, Physical Planning and Space Planning teams.

Director: Matthew Dulcich

Strategic Programs

Executive Director: Jill Tomczyk
Directors: Aaron Lester, Creed Kampa, Greg Secor

Project Delivery is our largest department, overseeing Building Activation & FFE, Capital Infrastructure, Capital Projects and Project Development.

Executive Director: Vicky Vicente
Director of Building Activation & FFE: Surita Sharma
Director of Capital Infrastructure: Matthew Pechman
Director of Capital Projects: Craig Allen
Director of Project Intake: Douglas Whitetaker

Compliance is comprised of the Building Department and Inspectors.

Director: Tim Tsukamoto

Real Estate Development & Management

Director: Keith Kanda