Building Department: Permitting

Welcome to the UC Davis Health Building Department page. We have implemented a new eServices Portal to submit University and HCAI new and post-approval document (PAD) applications.

Our department’s mission is to ensure the UC Davis Health campus environment is safe and that new construction projects or modifications to existing structures comply with UC Policy, California Building Standards Codes, and other Federal, and State of California statutes and regulations.

We review plans, specifications, calculations, and other related documents for all new construction or tenant improvement of commercial and industrial buildings.

We are here to help you navigate the process of obtaining the necessary permits for your projects, in compliance with UC Policies and the California Code of Regulations.


Project Managers (PMs) or Construction Managers (CMs) must submit their applications to our new eServices Portal. All documents that are for review and approval; attached to your eServices application must be in a .PDF format. 

Please refer to the file naming convention

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UC Davis Health - Building Department

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Our Team

Certified Building Official:
Paul Menard 

Plan Review / Permitting Coordinator:
Sabrina Preciado 

Senior Inspector:
Kevin Brown