Design Guidelines & Standards

At UC Davis Health, we are committed to creating a cohesive, high-quality built environment that supports our mission of excellence in patient care, research and education. To achieve this, we have developed comprehensive Design Standards and Guidelines for all capital improvement projects on our campus.

These guidelines work hand-in-hand with the specific requirements of each project's program, ensuring that design decisions align with the intended use and function of the space. While complementing the project program, the guidelines uphold critical regulatory requirements such as the California Building Code, the Americans with Disabilities Act and environmental regulations. In some cases, the UC Davis Health standards may even exceed code minimums.

By establishing consistent design principles, materials and finishes, the guidelines help foster a cohesive aesthetic and efficient maintenance across the UC Davis Health campus. This creates a welcoming, functional environment for patients, staff and visitors.

The Design Standards and Guidelines are not meant to replace the expertise and judgment of the design team. Rather, they provide a framework to guide design decisions and ensure alignment with UC Davis Health's overarching vision and priorities.

The ultimate goal is to deliver buildings, infrastructure and spaces that are not only functional and durable, but also contribute positively to the overall UC Davis Health experience.

The Design Standards Committee meets biannually to review and provide updates to the Campus Design Guidelines and Standards documentation, incorporating recent project learnings and impacts from code changes. Any updates occurring between the biannual review cycles that affect ongoing projects are issued as a Notice to ensure the latest information is available. If you have a proposed campus-wide design standard for consideration, please email the Design Standards Committee at Design professionals and general contractors with questions about applying these guidelines and standards to a particular project should direct their inquiries to the project's designated University Representative for clarification.