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Project Development and Initiation

Special Update:
January 2024

All projects submitted for consideration will be screened for key criteria to align with current spending limits. Please review the criteria and reach out to the Project Development team if you have questions about your proposed project and application of the screening criteria.

Project Initiation

A department at UC Davis Health may request a change to a facility through the Facilities Planning and Development Department. A facility “Project” is defined as an initiative or request that will require either special planning or construction, including architectural or engineering design and can require the approval of separate project funding. The Facilities Planning and Development project initiation and review process enables effective scoping and initial review of projects to improve the level of service to customers and provides for a project decision-making process.

The project review committee (PRC) is an internal UCDH committee who meets to evaluate upcoming projects to assess their scope, priority and alignment with organization goals.

PRC Screening Criteria (Initiative satisfies one or more of the following criteria):

  • The project is supported by leadership, other critical initiative, or Hospital Command Center Directive.
  • Project has strong business case.
  • The project essential to patient care, security, safety, or regulatory compliance
  • The project aligns with the facilities master plan.

Expense facility projects range from $20,000 up to $1 million. Minor Capital projects range from $1 million up to $10 million. Expense and Minor Capital projects are typically within existing buildings and facilities. Major Capital Projects, such as the new Ernest Tschannen Eye Center, exceed $10 million.

The project request process for Expense and Minor Capital Projects allows customers to submit a request to Facilities Planning and Development at any time. Projects are initiated by users submitting a Facilities Service Request through the PMWeb (Compass) application. Departments normally have staff that are trained and that have access to PMWeb (Compass). If a new access is needed, submit the request through the IT Self Service portal here: PMWeb Access or see contacts provided below to request access for you.

Once a project request is completed and submitted to Facilities Planning and Development, the requesting department will be contacted by Facilities Planning and Development staff, the requested project will be reviewed, and a draft project charter will be prepared for consideration by the Facilities Planning and Development Project Review Committee. The results of the review by the Project Committee will be communicated to the requesting department.

Project Initiation and Review Questions may be directed to:

Charmi Deepak, RA, LEED AP
Design & Construction Specialist
Facilities Planning and Development

Requests for New Access to Compass/PMWeb may be directed to: 

Facilities Services Request Support
Facilities Planning and Development