All University of California projects with construction cost above $50,000 are competitively bid. Click on the links below for information on current bidding opportunities and the project pipeline for the next 12 months. Contractors interested in applying for our Sheltered Bidding Pool for SBE and DVBE businesses in construction contracts under $640,000 must fill out the Contractor Profile Form (Word) and attach any certification acceptable by the University.

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Informal Bids

Projects with construction cost below $640,000 do not require public advertisement and may be informally bid by UC Davis Health according to the Public Contract Code. UC Davis Health will send written invitations to at least three qualified contractors for each informal bid. If your company would like to compete for informal bids between $300,000 and $640,000 at UC Davis Health, please submit a complete Base Qualification Questionnaire in addition to the Contractor Profile Form required for all other projects under the $640,000 threshold.

Negotiated Contracts

Small contracts with total construction cost under $50,000 can be awarded directly by UC Davis Health to a qualified contractor in our roster on a rotating basis. Whenever possible, these projects will be awarded to contractors in the Sheltered Bidding Pool for SBE/DVBE firms.

Every effort will be made to ensure that all persons have equal access to contracts and other business opportunities with UC Davis Health within the limits imposed by law or UC Davis Health policy.

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