Real Estate Initiation Process

Overview and Guiding Policies and Principles

UC Davis Health (UCDH) strives to advance best in class care while creating economic opportunity and addressing health inequity in all communities for which they are present. UCDH’s real estate portfolio is currently comprised of 1.5 million square feet of leased space spread across 60 leases. UCDH leases are in multiple cities and jurisdictions primarily within five counties in the Greater Sacramento Region.

Recognizing UCDH’s presence and influence in local communities and beyond and acknowledging the significant capital investment UCDH brings to such communities, it is vital that UCDH thoughtfully assess and manage its real estate investments as part of good financial stewardship and public service.

All real estate efforts at UCDH are guided by University of California, Office of the President (UCOP) policies and delegations of authority, as well UC Davis and UCDH capital investment and spatial allocation and management policies, procedures, and guidelines. Such guiding processes and procedures may be found here for reference:

  • UCDH Capital Project Playbook:
    • Coming Soon

UCDH Real Estate Development and Management (REDM) is the principal facilitator for all real estate initiatives at UCDH and is the authorized department (in close coordination with UCDH Facilities Planning as well as UC Davis Real Estate Services) to assist with the development, management and administration of all real property issues for UCDH. Other areas of oversight REDM has as it relates to the UCDH portfolio only, include acquisitions and dispositions.

Due to its brand and influence within the region and beyond, under no circumstances should a UCDH faculty member, staff member, student or operating unit/department engage in real estate initiatives or transactions without consultation with, and approval from, UCDH Facilities Planning and UCDH REDM.

UC Davis Health Real Estate Development Process and Continued Management

To initiate a real estate effort at UCDH the following steps are:

  1. To initiate a major real estate effort (new lease, major renovation/project work, major extension, acquisition, disposition, etc.) one should submit a facilities service request (FSR) for space into PM Web (link to PM Web and instructions). A signed Business Case or Guidance should be attached to this request.
    1. A real estate effort should have an approved Business Case on file that has been reviewed and approved by Strategy, Finance and the submitter’s corresponding division or school/college leadership.
    2. In the absence of a Business Case, a real estate effort can be initiated by an approved Guidance from the UCDH Facilities Planning Department under its role as principal for space under UCDH Space Policy Section III.C.
    3. In general, a minor lease action (exercising of an option, minor amendment, etc.) does not require an FSR. REDM reserves the right to determine the level of need for an FSR to initiate a real estate effort.
  2. Should an operating unit or department not have a Business Case and/or approved Guidance from the UCDH Facilities Planning Department, and acknowledging the need for a unit to get analytical support (lease rates, capital estimates, studies) to support a Business Case or Guidance, a unit may contact UCDH REDM at for support (note: an FSR and UC Davis Real Estate Services Statement of Requirements (see below), may still be required for analytical support).

  1. Once submitted, the FSR will be reviewed, and if endorsed by the UCDH Project Review Committee, the request would get assigned to the appropriate REDM team member for support.
  2. Once fully vetted by REDM, a REDM staff member will coordinate the request via a Statement of Requirements form; and REDM and Davis campus Real Estate Services will coordinate and fulfill the request.

  1. All site searches and selection are to be performed by REDM and Davis campus Real Estate Services.
  2. Under no circumstances should a UCDH faculty member, staff member, student or operating unit/department engage in real estate initiatives or transactions without consultation with UCDH Facilities Planning or UCDH REDM.
  3. Once a Statement of Requirements is completed with all appropriate signatures, the Davis campus Real Estate Services process begins:
    1. Engage real estate brokerage team, if necessary.
    2. Conduct market survey based on SOR details.
    3. Deliver search results to REDM and client for review and selection.
    4. Identify short list of potential sites that will satisfy immediate needs (and/or expansion, if necessary).
    5. Schedule site visits at all short-listed sites.
    6. Qualify each site for:
      1. ADA compliance
      2. Seismic compliance
      3. Security
      4. Parking allocation
      5. Ownership and property management
    7. Select a preferred site and initiate a Letter of Intent (LOI) to identify deal terms.
    8. Engage Fire Department to ensure site meets Fire and Life Safety (FLS) standards.
    9. Engage structural engineer to ensure site meets seismic standards.
    10. Obtain fully executed LOI.
    11. Draft lease document and obtain required information:
      1. Request an Environmental Impact Classification (EIC) from the Office of Campus Planning & Environmental Stewardship.
      2. Obtain a seismic report confirming compliance with UCOP policy.
      3. Determine Fair Wage/Fair Work (FWFW) eligibility.
      4. Conduct Fair Market Value determination for rent.
      5. Determine Contracting Out (Policy 5402) eligibility.
      6. Request Risk Management review of indemnity and Insurance language.
      7. Attach required exhibits:
        1. Site plans
        2. Infection Control Risk Assessment (ICRA)
        3. Fire Life and Safety Responsibilities
        4. Service and Repair responsibility tables
        5. Seismic Form 1
    12. Circulate final lease draft for full execution.
    13. Input executed lease into FacilitiesLink database.
    14. Track critical lease dates: rent increases, operating expense reconciliations, notice dates, term end, etc.

  1. For a new lease to be signed, a capital approval must be in place. In general, the process is as follows:
    1. UCDH REDM is authorized to perform design, preconstruction and cost estimating in support of any associated capital improvements to take occupancy via UCDH’s Capital Review Committee.
    2. REDM will work with the landlord and client to develop a preliminary design, budget, scope and schedule.
    3. REDM will draft and work with UCDH’s Facilities Planning Department to gain all necessary capitals approvals for the capital investments while also working with UC Davis Real Estate Services to develop the pro forma for the lease expense.
    4. REDM will seek capital approval from UCDH’s Capital Review Committee in tandem with the requesting unit or department’s leadership.
    5. REDM will work closely with UCDH’s Facilities Planning Department to gain formal capital approval via the Chancellor under the current University of California Capital Approval delegation of authority and under the current provisions for capital approvals mandated by the Davis campus to include all approvals via the Chancellor’s Committee for Campus Planning and Design (CCCPD).
    6. The Davis campus Capital Planning Office shall work to coordinate final signatures for all capital approvals and is the official office of record for all capital approvals documentation.
    7. Requests for capital approval documentation may only be done by contacting UCDH’s Facilities Planning Department UCDH faculty, staff and students should not directly contact the Davis campus’ Capital Planning Department for capital approvals.

*A detailed process chart may be found here: FP&D Capital Improvements Process Mapping

  1. All documentation of leases, extensions, title, acquisition, and disposition shall be executed and managed by the Davis campus Real Estate Services Department.
  2. The Davis campus Real Estate Services Department is the office of record and point of UCOP contact for all documentation associated with UC Davis properties which includes UCDH’s real property and leases.
  3. UCDH requests (only) for documentation may be done by contacting UCDH REDM at UCDH faculty, staff and students should not directly contact UC Davis Real Estate Services for documentation.

  1. UC Davis Real Estate Services will manage the formal execution of all documents for real estate transactions working under the current delegations of authority outlined by the UCOP.

  1. UCDH REDM is the department that is entrusted to oversee UCDH leased properties when a UCDH entity is leasing, or leasing to, a third party. Such oversight includes, but is not limited to:
    1. Working with Real Estate Services to interpret the provisions within any lease, license, permit or property agreement.
    2. Coordinating maintenance or other work to be performed by an outside vendor OR by UC Davis and UCDH workforce.
    3. Managing the relationship between UCDH and the Landlord or Property overseers.
    4. Coordinating emergency issues.
    5. Coordinating all financial transactions for UCDH leases.
    6. Supporting compliance issues with leased spaces.