• Health and Safety

    Health and Safety while undergoing an MRI exam

  • Nothing metal or electronic is allowed inside MRI room
  • Patients are required to change into MRI safe clothing MR safety
  • Patients are required to bring medical implant cards
  • Powerful magnetic field is always ON

MRI is a highly controlled environment, which requires screened access by a highly trained professional. MRI could be extremely dangerous for patients with some metals and medical devices inside their bodies.

MRI has been successfully performed for many years now on millions of patients worldwide. There is no Ionizing radiation used in MRI Instead we use a combination of magnets and radio frequencies to help obtain very detailed images of the human body.

However there are some types of surgically implanted materials or devices as well as some other objects that if present in your body can prevent you from having an MRI.

Due to the fact that some clothing contains metal buttons or silver thread material, you will be asked to change into hospital attire.
You will be asked very detailed questions about your surgical history so we can confirm that you are safe to undergo an MRI.  Please bring with you to your appointment any medical device information that you have pertaining to implanted devices.
The presence of metal in your body may be a safety hazard or affect the quality of MRI image. Before receiving an MRI, tell the technologist if you have any metal or electronic devices in your body, such as:

-Implanted drug infusion device (i.e., insulin pump)
-Exposure of metal fragments to your eye
-Artificial heart valves
-Aneurysm clips
-Cochlear implants
-Metallic implants and prosthesis
-Vascular stent or stent graft
-Shrapnel or bullet wounds


It’s also important to discuss any kidney problems with your doctor and the technologist, because problems with these organs may limit the use of injected contrast agents during your scan
You will be monitored and in constant communication with a trained MRI Technologist throughout your exam, if you should have any concerns before, during or after the exam, please feel free to ask one of our technologists.

We look forward to providing you with the safest possible experience at UC Davis Medical Center.