The University of California requires that all students have health insurance. Our Insurance Package includes: Western Health Advantage for Medical, Premier Access for Dental and Vision Service Plan (VSP) for Vision. Insurance coverage is also available for spouses and dependents.

Students do have the option to complete an insurance waiver and waive-out of our coverage. However, our insurance coverage is a package deal, meaning if waived out, students will no longer have our medical, dental or vision coverage. Please see our Insurance Waiver Form (PDF) for additional information and coverage requirements.

If you have any additional questions or concerns about your medical, dental or vision insurance, please contact the Registrar's Office, or 916-734-4027.

General Information

Insurance Coverage Fee Schedule for 22-23 Academic Year (PDF)

Open Primary Care Provider List (PDF)

School of Medicine Health Insurance Package Fee Structure
Student/Dependent Summer Quarter 2023 Fall Quarter 2023 Winter Quarter 2024 Spring Quarter 2024
Student (Self) $1,005.00 $1,300.00 $1,300.00 $1,300.00
Self + 1 $2,010.00 $2,600.00 $2,600.00 $2,600.00
Self + 2 (or more) $3,015.00 $3,900.00 $3,900.00 $3,900.00


July October January April
August November February May
September December March June


The University of California requires that all students have health insurance at all times. The SOM-sponsored insurance package includes: Western Health Advantage for medical, Premier Access for dental and Vision Service Plan (VSP) for vision. Insurance coverage is also available for spouses and dependents.

The School of Medicine health insurance coverage is a package deal; you may not choose your own combination or variation of insurance coverage.

School of Medicine insurance fees are charged to your student account each quarter along with your registration fees. You are required to pay these fees quarterly unless you have an approved insurance waiver on file with the School of Medicine Registrar’s Office.

Students who have health insurance may choose to waive out of the School of Medicine insurance package. To do this, complete the Insurance Waiver Form and provide the required proof of medical insurance to the School of Medicine Registrar’s Office.

All incoming students are required to complete an Insurance Enrollment Form. The enrollment form is good for the duration of each student’s participation in the UC Davis M.D. program. Incoming students may additionally provide an Insurance Waiver Form and the required proof of medical insurance.

Students who waive out of the UC Davis WHA insurance package are required to provide evidence of insurance annually. Failure to provide evidence of insurance by the date your annual insurance expires, as listed in your myRecordTracker account, will result in enrollment in the WHA insurance package and you will be charged all applicable fees per the Insurance Fee Schedule. Once enrolled and charged fees for the WHA  insurance package, the student may terminate coverage only after providing evidence of outside coverage. The effective date of termination is dependent on when the student provides evidence of outside insurance coverage. If provided between the 1st – 10th of the month, termination will apply to 1st date of that month. If provided between the 11th – 31st, termination will apply to 1st day of the following month. There will be no waiver or reimbursement of previously charged fees.


Additional Coverage Information

Medical: Western Health Advantage


Health Plan Basics (PDF)

How to Access Your Benefits (PDF)

Health Benefits Overview (PDF)

Travel Benefit Coverage (PDF)

Chiropractic and Acupuncture Care (PDF)

Infertility Benefit Infertility Benefit (PDF)

Creditable Coverage on Prescriptions (PDF)

Telehealth Services (PDF)

Service Area (PDF)

Behavioral Health Coverage

If you are enrolled in the Student Health Insurance Package, Magellan is your behavioral health insurance coverage (through Western Health Advantage).

Students do not need to see their PCP for a referral.  Please use the information below to schedule an appointment:

Magellan Behavioral Health Coverage (through WHA) (Behavioral health, go to “ contact us” and the member section)

Phone number: 800-424-1778

Dental: Premier Access

General Dental Information


Contacting Premier Access (PDF)

Certificate of Dental Insurance (PDF)

Premier Advantage Information Brochure (PDF)

Premier Access Website Navigation (PDF)

UC Davis Medical Center Premier Advantage Option FAQs (PDF)

Current Coverage (PPO)

Benefit Schedule Information (PDF)

Pre-Authorization Summary (PDF)

Switch to HMO Plan

Premier Access Dental coverage offers students the option of a PPO or DHMO plan for their dental needs. The PPO plan offers more flexibility in dentists to choose from, while the DHMO provides coverage for major dental procedures. Students are automatically enrolled in the PPO plan at this time. Please contact our office if you require more information or if you wish to change your coverage type.

DHMO 500 Benefits - Summary and Copay Schedule (PDF) 

Vision: Vision Service Plan (VSP)


VSP Member Grievance Policy (PDF)

UC Davis Student Health and Counseling Services

The Student Health Centers (SHC) at each University of California campus gladly offers reciprocal access to SHC services to currently registered students from all other UC campuses under the same conditions that apply to its own students who are not enrolled in its campus Student Health Insurance Plan (SHIP). 

Registered student from other UC campuses are eligible for UC Davis SHS services at student rates. Dates of eligibility are determined according to the UC Davis class schedule and academic calendar. These patients are required to pay at the time of service.

More Information:

Eligibility and Billing -

Main site -

Immunization Services -

Disability Insurance

Please email for disability insurance information.