Prostate MRI

How do I prepare for my prostate exam?

  • During check-in process you will be asked to fill out the MRI Safety Form, Click Here to view the form.
  • You will be asked to change into a hospital gown and lock up your belongings.
  • You will be asked to fast for 4 hours prior to your exam. You may take your usual medications with small amounts of water. Otherwise, no additional preparation is needed.
  • Prostate exams are done in the Main Hospital only. This kind of exam is not done in ACC or Placer Clinics. For directions to the main hospital please click here.

What will happen during my prostate exam?

  • During the exam you will be given an injection of contrast fluid called gadolinium. This will be administered through an IV line in your arm, placed at the beginning of the exam.
  • Your exam may involve the use of a balloon-covered probe called an endorectal coil. You will be asked to lie on your side and the radiologist will gently insert the lubricated probe into your rectum, directly behind the prostate gland. Once  in place, the balloon will be inflated with air. This may cause some initial discomfort and is similar to having an endorectal ultrasound, which you may have already had in the evaluation of your prostate.

  • For the MRI itself, you will lie on your back in the magnet for approximately 45 minutes. You will be given earplugs as the magnet creates a knocking sound during the exam. If you are claustrophobic, you may want to ask the doctor who ordered this MRI for a mild sedative to take before the exam. Please click here to be directed to our Comfort page.

  • After the exam is complete, the technologist will deflate and remove the endorectal coil and remove your IV. The radiologist will review the images and send a report to your physician.

  • There are no restrictions after your exam and you may eat and drink as usual.

Patient prepared for Prostate MRI

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Patient undergoing Prostate MRI

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