Notice to Prospective Bidders:

Passage of SB876, which amended PCC§ 10502(a), authorizes the University of California system to advertise construction projects on University websites as an alternative to newspapers and trade journals. Notices for all construction projects going out to bid are only posted on this website.

Projects Out To Bid

Project Number Project Title
9557520 SESP Basement Food Kitchen Config for Room Service
9557310 SESP Cell Service Upgrade (Prequalified Design-Build Teams only)
9565150 Parking Structure 7 (Prequalified Design-Build Teams only)
9557660 Central Utility Plant Expansion (Prequalified Design-Build Teams only)
M011895 North/South Wing Demolition (Trade Partners)
9556510 Hospital Bed Replacement Tower (Trade Partners)
9557270 48X Complex - SASC (Trade Partners)
M051038 MAIN HOSP D7 Peds Rehab Program
9559760 Research Buildings I, II, III - Network Refresh
9559430 ACC NetV2 Upgrade

Bid Summary (Informal Bids)

Project Number Project Title
9578870 UCDH SITE LOT 17 FDC NFC Sports Court
M055256 FSSB 1660 PO&M Power for the CNC Machine in Carpenter Shop
M054901 DT 10th thru14th Flr PO&M Ceiling Access Doors - Phase 2
M053314 SESP OP713, OP713A & OP709 CENT PROC Finish Ceilings
M050334 EDUC QUAD PARK Provide Secure Bike Parking

Request for Consultant Statements of Qualifications

Project Number Project Title

Request for Contractor Prequalifications

Project Number Project Title
9557460 UC Davis Health Medical Campus OR Integration Modernization

Projects Awarded

Please refer to our Projects Awarded listing for competitively bid projects awarded in the last 12 months.