Medical Interpreting Services offers a full range of oral interpretation services at UC Davis Medical Center.

Medical Interpreting Services provides oral interpretation to hospital and clinics in person, over the phone or via video service. Our services can be requested in EPIC, by calling 916-734-2321 or by emailing

To learn how to place requests, please go to "How to place requests"

Linguistic competence

Interpreters are screened carefully for linguistic competence. This includes not only fluency in source and target languages, but also the ability to interpret speech from one language to another.

Accuracy & completeness

Interpreters are trained to interpret accurately and faithfully, verbal and non-verbal communication. This greatly reduces the risks of omissions, misunderstandings, confusion and frustration, which can occur with untrained interpreters.


Interpreters are trained not to take sides. Interpreters' own values, beliefs, and opinions will not interfere with the communication process.


UC Davis Medical Center Interpreters maintain absolute confidentiality about everything pertaining to an interpretation assignment. Assurance of confidentiality fosters trust and promotes better communication.

Cultural bridging

Interpreters will assist with cultural awareness by interpreting messages, values, and assumptions hidden in words. They facilitate cross-cultural communication.


Interpreters adhere to a strict code of ethics by avoiding conflicts of interest and staying within the limits of their role.


Interpreters undergo extensive training. Skills and knowledge are enhanced through ongoing professional development activities and membership in professional organizations.

If you have patients who need special attention, please call our main dispatch line at 916-734-2321 or email Our interpreters can accommodate outpatient appointments and facilitate communication between advice nurses, physicians, social workers and other staff.