As residents and fellows in vascular surgery at UC Davis, we are: 

Professional - We conduct ourselves with dignity and we treat others with respect. We are trustworthy and reliable. We are engaged and helpful in our interactions with patients and colleagues.

Patient Centered - We recognize the central importance of our patient’s comfort and welfare. We take the time to list and learn about our patients’ background, situation, and expectations, and provide care that considers individual needs. We attend to the details of each patient’s acute and long-term care.

Interdisciplinary - We provide team-based care, using the specialized skills and knowledge of other doctors, nurses, therapists and vascular technologists. We communicate effectively as we plan and implement care.

Educated - We are committed to lifelong learning and recognize that we are expected to knowledgeable, not only about vascular surgery, but about medical and surgical topics generally. We are actively engaged in educational conferences, quality improvement programs, and other elements of the curriculum. We come prepared to learn.

Technically Skilled - Ours is a technical discipline without margin for complacency or error. We prepare in detail for each procedure we perform. By learning and mastering the components of our craft, we bring a suite of abilities to each case and we are therefore able to be precise, efficient, and safe.

Independent - We are able to analyze the available information and think independently. We have a disciplined approach, the values thoroughness. Because of this, we can make appropriate assessments that allow formulation of appropriated plans of care.

Driven - We are committed to excellent patient care, research, and education. We are prepared to work harder and longer, when needed for our patients. We innovate and explore new ideas. We find opportunities for scholarly activity. We take pride in being the best.