At UC Davis our hernia specialists are experienced in repairing simple and complex hernias with a goal of helping patients to return to pain- free health as quickly as possible.

Hernias occurs when an organ or tissue squeezes through a weak spot in muscle or connective tissue. Since hernias do not heal on their own, prompt surgical treatment is important and can help reduce the risk of complications. Our surgeons will assess your condition and recommend the most effective approach, including a variety of surgical options. When appropriate for some hernias, these options can include small incisions may be used that cause less pain and help you recover faster. With larger more complex hernias, or risk factors and complications such as infection are a concern, larger incisions may be necessary. Choosing the right treatment for your condition increases the likelihood you will have a positive outcome and decreases the risk of complications and hernia recurrence.

Types of Hernias we treat:

  • Abdominal
  • Groin (Inguinal and Femoral)
  • Hiatal

Why Choose UC Davis for Your Hernia Surgery?

We are high-volume referral center. This means community physicians trust us to send their most complex patients. Referring physicians know that we achieve consistent, quality results, and offer state of the art solutions to address many types of hernias.

We offer comprehensive, patient centered care. We have specialists to meet your individual needs.  Our team includes surgeons, specialized nurse practitioners, clinical specialists and registered dietitians all working together to provide a comprehensive approach to providing patient treatment and care. 

We specialize in innovative surgical techniques. Our surgeons perform open, and minimally invasive robotic assistive laparoscopic procedures for hernia repair. Your surgeon’s knowledge about what causes hernias, and new and advanced surgical approaches in hernia repair mean you receive the best possible treatment recommendation for your specific type of hernia.

We utilize state-of-the-art technology. As a leader in pioneering approaches like minimally invasive surgical DaVinci robotic surgery system, our surgeons are on the forefront of reducing sources of bleeding, improving recovery time and reducing time under anesthesia.