The UC Davis cosmetic dermatology service offers advanced, clinically-proven dermatologic and cosmetic treatments to restore the skin’s healthy and youthful appearance. Our respected and experienced board certified physicians can help erase damage from chronic over-exposure to sunlight, years of facial muscle movement, loss of skin elasticity and other factors that lead to the appearance of aging skin.

Factors that lead to age-related skin damage

While ultraviolet light from the sun provides some physical and mental health benefits, this light also damages the skin. Roughness and dryness of the skin, discolorations and broken blood vessels are all common types of sun-related skin damage. In addition, the chronic, long term movement of facial muscles from smiling, frowning or smoking leads to unwanted lines around the forehead, eyes, nose and mouth.  Finally, our skin loses collagen and elastic tissue as we age which lessens the body’s ability to counter gravity, resulting in wrinkles, folds and sagging skin. 

Skin aging results from a combination of intrinsic (internal) and extrinsic (external) factors over time. Intrinsic factors are those caused by our genetics or by hormones. Sun exposure is the predominant extrinsic factor although smoking, diet, drug use, environmental toxins, illness and disease can also affect the skin’s appearance.  

While the body has an amazing ability to repair damage and restore cells to their normal function, repeated exposure leads to accumulated damage that can  overcome the body’s ability to repair it. As a result, our skin ages as these exposures accumulate over our lifetime.

To restore a healthier more youthful appearance, the UC Davis cosmetic dermatology service uses  the most advanced treatment options available. Our focus is on minimally invasive procedures whenever possible to help you achieve your goals with the least amount of discomfort and downtime.  


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