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Vision and Eye Health

From vision care to clinical trials and cosmetic eye surgery, we provide specialized care and proven eye treatments.

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Comprehensive Eye Care from Ophthalmology Leaders

Our highly trained ophthalmologists are national leaders in eye and vision care. They are advancing what’s possible through research and exciting breakthroughs. You benefit from their uncommon knowledge, experience and compassionate approach to care. 

Our Difference


Our UC Davis Eye Center is Northern California’s leading referral center for highly specialized and comprehensive eye services. You receive care from recognized ophthalmological leaders. These eye specialists have the highest level of training and deliver the latest treatments.

Innovative Research

We are heavily involved in research to improve vision and cure blinding eye diseases. Through our research and clinical trials, you often have access to the latest advances in treatment before they are widely available.

Complete Eye Care

Our Eye Center is the only facility in Northern California offering the full range of specialty eye services in a single location. From glasses to glaucoma treatment and cataract removal, we optimize your vision and quality of life.


What Is Ophthalmology?

Ophthalmology is the medical specialty that cares for your eyes and vision. Ophthalmologists are physicians who have completed the highest level of training in this field.

Types of Eye Conditions We Treat:

Cataract and Lens Disorders

Cataracts affect your eye’s lens, located behind the colored part of your eye (iris). A clear lens helps you see clear, defined images. But with a cataract, your lens (and vision) becomes cloudy.

Read more about cataracts and lens disorders
Corneal Disorders

Light enters your eye through the cornea, the clear layer that covers your iris and pupil (the black dot at the center of your eye). At UC Davis Health, we treat the full range of routine and complex corneal and external eye disorders.


Glaucoma damages your optic nerve. Your optic nerve is the highway your eyes use to send visual information to your brain. Untreated glaucoma can cause vision loss and blindness.

Learn about glaucoma
Infectious and Inflammatory Eye Diseases

Bacteria, viruses and fungi can cause eye infections. We offer comprehensive treatment options for both common and complex infectious and inflammatory eye conditions. These conditions include conjunctivitis (pink eye), uveitis and diabetic retinopathy.

Refractive Errors

Refractive errors affect how light passes through your eyes (refraction). These errors cause you to see objects less clearly. They include nearsightedness (myopia), farsightedness (hyperopia), astigmatism and presbyopia. In most cases, eyeglasses or contact lenses can fix your vision.

Retinal Diseases

Light enters your eye through your cornea. It then travels through different eye structures, including the lens, to your retina. Your retina converts the light into electrical impulses that travel to your brain via the optic nerve. Structural problems, damage or injuries to your retina can make it harder to see.

Find out about retinal diseases
Eye Trauma

Your eyes are among the more delicate organs in your body. They are vulnerable to injury from accidents, chemical exposures and foreign objects.

Eyelid Disorders

Like other parts of your eye, structural problems, certain diseases and infections may affect your eyelids. They are also vulnerable to injury.

Read about eyelid disorders
Tear Film Disorders

Tears form a film that covers the surface of your eyes. This film protects your eyes and keeps them moisturized and healthy. When your eyes can’t make enough high-quality tears, it can lead to a tear film disorder, such as dry eye syndrome.

Eye Misalignment (Strabismus)

Strabismus is the condition when the eyes are misaligned. This disorder is common in both children and adults, and may be treated with glasses or surgical intervention.


Vision and Eye Services We Offier

Our team of ophthalmic subspecialists treats every type of eye condition. Our broad range of eye subspecialists ensures you receive care from providers with special expertise in the condition affecting you.

Our services include:

Cornea and External Disease Care

We offer complete care for corneal disorders, including cornea transplants. We are also a regional referral center for hard-to-treat diseases that affect your eye’s surface.

Explore our cornea and external disease services
Glaucoma Care

From early diagnosis to personalized treatments, our nationally recognized experts effectively manage glaucoma. We also offer access to the latest advances and treatment through glaucoma clinical trials.

Learn how we treat glaucoma
Laser Eye Surgery

We offer the most technologically advanced laser vision correction procedures available. See how we help people say goodbye to their glasses and contact lenses.

Read about our laser vision corrections services
Neuro-Ophthalmology Service

Our neuro-ophthalmology service takes a team approach to treating unexplained vision loss. Our ophthalmologists, neurologists (brain specialists) and other subspecialists work together to get you answers.

Read more about our neuro-ophthalmology services
Ophthalmic Plastic and Orbital Surgery

Ophthalmic plastic and orbital surgery involve plastic and reconstructive surgery procedures around the eye area. Our skilled oculoplastic surgeons deliver excellent cosmetic results while restoring and improving eye function.

Learn about ophthalmic plastic and orbital surgery
Cataract Surgery

During cataract surgery, we remove cataracts and replace them with artificial lenses. Our advanced techniques help lower your risk of surgical complications and improve your level of vision recovery after surgery.

Read about comprehensive ophthalmology and cataract surgery
Optical Shops

Choose from a wide selection of name brand and designer frames in our optical shops. Our experienced opticians also specialize in children’s eyewear.

Explore our optical shops
Optometry, Glasses and Contact Lenses

Our optometrists are like primary care physicians for your eyes. They provide routine eye health exams and effective vision care. These services include contact lens fittings and eyeglass prescriptions. They also collaborate with our ophthalmologists to manage complex eye conditions.

Learn about optometry at UC Davis Health
Pediatric Eye Care and Adult Eye Misalignment

Our pediatric ophthalmologists provide complete eye and vision care to children of all ages as well as care for adults with eye misalignment (strabismus). In our new Ernest E. Tschannen Eye Institute, children receive state-of-the-art treatment in a family-friendly environment.

Read about our pediatric and eye misalignment ophthalmology services
Retina Service

Our ophthalmologists are skilled at delivering the latest treatments for all retinal diseases. These eye specialists are leaders in retinal care, including new treatments for macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathy and uveitis.

Learn about our retina services

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