Victoria Jackson says active, team-based education prepares graduates to see bigger picture

FNP alumna Victoria Jackson shares her UC Davis experience

The desire to see the bigger picture of health care drove Victoria Jackson to pursue a master’s degree as a family nurse practitioner. The Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at UC Davis brought into focus a new perspective of nursing and new confidence to hit the ground running after graduation.

“Now I have the knowledge and the confidence to share my ideas and work well with others on the team.”

“I chose UC Davis to interact with and learn from faculty and colleagues in the clinical field,” says Victoria, a 2018 alumna. “I didn’t just learn bookwork, but I benefitted from mentorship, leadership perspectives outside of the clinical world and networking at conferences, all of which helped me see I’m part of a bigger health care landscape.”

Victoria finished class in August and by December assumed a job at UC Davis Medical Center working with patients with devices in the cardiology clinic. She credits her smooth transition into this role to her experiences in the classroom while a student.

“We didn’t just have lectures. We worked in small groups; we interacted in teams with other professions, like physician assistants, medical students and doctoral students,” Victoria explains. “I didn’t really appreciate it at the time, but now I see its importance. Now I have the knowledge and the confidence to share my ideas and work well with others on the team.”

Victoria Jackson
Victoria Jackson is a 2018 alumna of the family nurse practitioner program who now works at UC Davis Medical Center.

From the group-based learning in class to clinical rotations that exposed her to all facets of care and community, Victoria filled the knowledge gap she sought and embarked upon a path to make the change she wants to see in health care.

“Coming in to the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing, I wasn’t sure I could it,” Victoria says. “When I left, I had all the tools I needed to accomplish whatever I set my mind to.”

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