P.A. Alumnus Jonathan Lippman shares his UC Davis experience

Jonathan Lippman
Jonathan Lippman is all smiles as he recites the Physician Assistant Oath in August 2019.

Jonathan Lippman relishes the opportunities that greet him each day on the job as a physician assistant (P.A.). Whether it’s treating an array of patients at an urgent care clinic or working in the more specialized area of interventional radiology, he credits the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at UC Davis with preparing him to thrive in his new career.

“UC Davis gave me the opportunity to start thinking clinically in a way I never had before,” said Lippman, a Class of 2019 graduate. “It forced me to advocate for myself. It taught me how to advocate for my patients. And it helped me learn how to learn medicine in a way that I had never thought of before I chose UC Davis.”

Lippman admitted the 27-month, master’s-degree program also forced him to juggle his time efficiently and tested the limits of his determination daily. The result was an education that transcends the classroom.

“UC Davis put me in a position to lead, where I felt empowered to navigate a health system that, at times, is challenging,” Lippman said. “I quickly discovered how to take ownership of my education and learn in way that best suited my strengths.”

In the end, graduating from the UC Davis P.A. program opened doors he never imagined.

“It definitely gave me an edge. Multiple times in interviews people would say, ‘Davis, that’s a great school,’” Lippman said. “UC Davis does have a great network, a great reputation and when you’re associated with that, people are interested in talking to you. It’s a really good program that’s only getting better.”

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