Happy student

Assistant Professor Laura Van Auker, left with the black facemask, guides family nurse practitioner students through a simulation exercise using telehealth technology.

D.N.P.-F.N.P. program goals

(Informed by American Association for Colleges of Nursing The Essentials: Core Competencies for Professional Nursing, Advanced-Level Nursing Education, 2021)

Consistent with the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing mission and vision to prepare its graduates to lead health care teams that advance patient care and safety, prevent and treat diseases, and improve access to and quality in an ever-changing and increasingly complex health care system nationwide; the program goals of the family nurse practitioner program are to prepare graduates to:

  1. Deliver care as family nurse practitioners
  2. Lead clinical programs in collaborative teams
  3. Improve the availability of culturally relevant primary health care to underserved populations throughout California.

Expected aggregate student outcomes

The six, primary expected aggregate student outcomes for the Doctor of Nursing Practice — Family Nurse Practitioner (D.N.P.-F.N.P.) program are shown below.

Goal: At least 80% of D.N.P.-F.N.P. students will graduate on time (twelve quarters of consecutive coursework).

Goal: 90% of D.N.P.-F.N.P. graduates pass the APRN FNP national certification exam on the first attempt.

Goal: 90% of D.N.P.-F.N.P. graduates will find employment in a health care setting.

Goal: 50% of D.N.P.-F.N.P. graduates will practice in medically underserved areas (MUAs), health professional shortage areas (HPSAs) or in primary care settings.

Over the past 40 years, the master’s-degree program graduated 1,800 nurse practitioners and P.A.s. In the past four years, 60% of graduates worked in MUAs, HPSAs or primary care, compared to much lower national averages of between 30 and 40%.

Goal: D.N.P.-F.N.P. students will be satisfied (average score of 3.5 on a 5-point Likert scale) with their education program as measured by the end-of-program survey.

Goal: 100% of D.N.P.-F.N.P. graduates will demonstrate competency through their culminating experience.