UC Davis nurses assume leadership role in giving to the School of Nursing

Ren Bee is a volunteer co-chair of the UC Davis Nurses' Campaign and a master's-degree student at the School of Nursing.

Editor's note: This story was first published in spring 2012. As of June 2012, Bee is an inaugural graduate of the School of Nursing.

A veteran UC Davis Health nurse with more than 20 years of clinical experience, Maureen Craig gives to the School of Nursing because she recognizes it is on the leading edge of revolutionizing the way nurses are taught and care is delivered.

“With its interdisciplinary philosophy and its emphasis on transformative research, the School of Nursing is taking a fresh and progressive approach to the education of health-care leaders, an approach that is well-suited to needs of the individuals we care for,” she said. “Supporting this school is a profound opportunity to improve health in our region.”

Craig is a clinical nurse specialist in nephrology at UC Davis Medical Center. For the last two years, she helped lead the UC Davis Nurses’ Campaign, a grassroots fundraising effort in which UC Davis nurses encourage their nurse colleagues to consider making a gift to benefit the School of Nursing.

During the campaign’s first year, more than $250,000 was raised for student scholarships, research and other essential purposes.

“I take great pride in giving through the nurses’ campaign,” Craig said. “Contributing to the School of Nursing is a way for UC Davis nurses like me to make a lasting impact on the future of nursing and to advance the health of our communities.”

Through her work caring for individuals with chronic kidney disease, Craig says she sees a paradigm shift is needed in health care.

“Supporting this school is a profound opportunity to improve health in our region.”

Maureen Craig, R.N., clinical nurse specialist at UC Davis Medical Center

“Most of the illnesses affecting Americans today are related to lifestyle: smoking, nutrition, exercise,” she said. “These conditions require different kinds of treatment than infectious diseases. The School of Nursing, in partnership with the UC Davis Medical Center, can help ensure we are providing relevant and effective assistance to the individuals in our care.”

Craig contributed to the UC Davis Nurses’ Research Fund, one of two funds created by the nurses in the inaugural year of the fundraising campaign. She sees nursing research as a key factor in generating new knowledge and creating systems that foster wellness.

In addition to the research fund, the nurses’ campaign committee established the UC Davis Nurses’ Scholarship Fund. Once fully endowed, these two funds will exist in perpetuity and provide critical ongoing support for students and nursing research efforts.

Ren Bee, who co-chairs the campaign committee with fellow UC Davis nurse Brittney Andrews, knows firsthand the importance of scholarship support.

“Scholarship support made it possible for me to pursue graduate education and enhance my leadership skills,” Bee said. “Thank you to all of the UC Davis nurses who contributed as part of the UC Davis Nurses’ Campaign. We invite the entire UC Davis nursing community to join us in improving health through this initiative.”