Illustrating gratitude on a personal level

Bee’s Family Interprofessional Scholarship
Ren Bee, M.S. — Leadership Class of 2012

Two weeks into his pursuit of a master’s degree in leadership at the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at UC Davis, Ren Bee co-led the initiative to create the Nursing Science and Health-Care Leadership Student and Alumni Scholarship Fund. But this graduate of the inaugural master’s-degree leadership Class of 2012 was just getting started.

“I relished the opportunity to highlight the school and how support alleviates financial barriers for many students who want to pursue graduate education,” Bee said. “My wife and I wanted to further illustrate our gratitude to the school on a personal level.”

So, they established the Bee’s Family Interprofessional Scholarship to be awarded to prelicensure nursing students in the Master’s Entry Program in Nursing. A nurse since 2001, Bee first worked within an emergency department, where nurses, physicians and technicians worked side by side sharing a common goal. The experience of serving with other health professionals spurred his interest in nurturing teamwork.

“During my two years at the School of Nursing, I was a proponent of interprofessional education and breaking down silos,” Bee explained. “I wanted my passion to further support not only future nursing students, but also research and faculty.”

“In order to tackle the complex problems of health care and develop leaders who can solve those challenges, health professionals must learn from multiple perspectives,” said Theresa Harvath, associate dean for academics. “Support earmarked specifically for the interprofessional collaboration enables us to further enact our mission.”

Bee credits the School of Nursing with empowering him to examine health care systems from the 40-thousand-foot level, while leading at the bedside in acute care.

“I hope this scholarship serves as the first pebble that ultimately ripples for many others to join the effort and contribute to other nurses’ success as well,” Bee added.