Associate Professor

Mark Fedyk is an associate professor at the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing and the UC Davis School of Medicine Bioethics Program.  In both roles, he provides teaching and mentorship for medical and nursing students, ensures that ethical considerations play a prominent role in the joint missions of the School of Nursing and the School of Medicine, and collaborates with researchers to develop cutting-edge techniques for advancing the integration of ethical inquiry and scientific research.

At the School of Nursing, Fedyk teaches in the Doctor of Philosophy Degree Program and serves as a member of the Nursing Science and Health-Care Leadership Education Policy and Curriculum Development Subcommittee. An accomplished teacher and award-winning researcher, Fedyk joined the School of Nursing in 2019.  Prior to joining UC Davis, Fedyk was an associate professor at Mount Allison University in Canada, where he was also an elected representative on the university’s Board of Regents.  He previously taught at Cornell University, Yale University and Ashoka University. 

Fedyk earned a Doctor of Philosophy Degree from Cornell University.  He has published extensively, including a book entitled, The Social Turn in Moral Psychology, as well as numerous articles in leading journals serving audiences in medicine, psychology and philosophy.

Contact Information: Phone: 916-734-3019 Email: