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About Advanced Nurse Practitioner — PRACTICE Residency

The Advanced Nurse Practitioner Primary care Residency in Addiction, Chronic care, Telehealth, Improvement science, Collaboration and Equity (Advanced NP-PRACTICE) is a residency program created in partnership between the UC Davis Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing, UC Davis Health affiliated centers and clinics, as well as Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHCs).

The Advanced NP-PRACTICE residency is a full-time, limited-term employment and training opportunity. Successful applicants are hired into a 12-month position as health sciences clinical instructors. The program prepares recently graduated nurse practitioners (N.P.s) to provide high-quality primary care in under-resourced areas. We accept family, adult-gerontological, women’s health, psychiatric-mental health, and pediatric primary care nurse practitioners. The goal is to accelerate N.P. residents' development by sharpening their knowledge and skills in evidence-based primary care practice, critical thinking and independent decision making, as well as enhancing their clinical teaching skills. The residency supports newly graduated N.P.s as they transition into primary care practice through structured clinical practice and advanced educational training. They are also prepared as clinical instructors.  

The 12-month, full-time and paid residency offers new N.P.s longitudinal primary care accelerated clinical practice experience at either an FQHC in an underserved area of California or at a UC Davis Health primary care or nurse-led mobile clinic. This is not a remediation program; NP residents are expected to gain skills consistently over the course of the 12 months. NP residents practice at a clinical site four days per week and have one day per week dedicated to educational activities. In their clinical practice, residents are mentored to learn continuity of care and practice management. Intermixed with their primary care assignment, residents may also experience select specialty rotations at their assigned clinical site. The immersive curriculum includes online advanced-learning modules, simulation training at UC Davis Health state-of-the-art simulation centers and scholarly or creative activities.

While the school seeks to admit approximately 10 residents, the final number of residents admitted in 2024 is dependent upon the final number of partner clinics participating.

Applications for the 2024-2025 cohort are now open and close on Jan. 31, 2024.

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The UC Davis Advanced Practice Provider Transition to Practice Program, which includes both the Advanced NP-PRACTICE residency and the Advanced Practice Provider Fellowship program, are accredited by the Consortium for Advanced Practice Providers.  The accreditation standards distinguish training programs that can meet the rigor and quality measures that prepare participants to deliver exceptional care.

Funded in part by a grant from the Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA), the Advanced NP-PRACTICE residency is designed to expand medical capacity and improve health outcomes for patients in California’s underserved communities. This innovative program leverages the knowledge, skills and experiences of faculty and staff from several UC Davis Health programs and community partners to prepare N.P.s to help meet the primary care needs.

The Advanced NP-PRACTICE Residency program seeks family, adult gerontology, women's health, psychiatric mental health, and pediatric primary care nurse practitioners for the October 2024 to September 2025 cohort. This is a 12-month structured, mentored practice at either FQHCs in underserved areas throughout California or at UC Davis Health clinics. While the school seeks to admit up to 10 residents, the final number of residents admitted in 2024 is dependent upon the final number of partner clinics participating.

Throughout the residency experience, N.P. residents collaborate with expert clinicians as they expand their clinical knowledge, hone clinical skills, and gain the confidence needed to fully participate in team-based primary care, particularly in underserved communities. Additionally, this program supports N.P. residents in gaining competence in population health, quality improvement, patient safety, practice management, leadership, telehealth, select specialty care and clinical teaching. N.P. residents also participate in scholarly or creative activities.

The Advanced NP-PRACTICE residency is a 12-month, full-time, limited-term faculty appointment and training opportunity. N.P. residents are engaged full time during the residency experience and typically scheduled for a minimum of 40-hour work weeks to meet all residency program requirements.

The N.P. residency curriculum includes an immersive, practice-based learning experience focused on organizational enculturation and professional development. This includes participation in:

  • Direct clinical care to patients at a primary care or mobile clinic within a mentored, structured environment with increasing responsibility for their own practice management as the year progresses
  • Patient care and teaching activities that support the mission, vision and advanced practice quality metrics of the organizations where they work
  • Select specialty care rotations in the resident’s assigned primary care clinic to better understand how to manage complex health conditions in underserved settings
  • Participation in synchronous, asynchronous and in-person educational activities on relevant primary care practice topics
  • Interprofessional and individual simulation training at UC Davis Health state-of-the-art simulation centers
  • Opportunities to participate in educational conferences, grand rounds, journal clubs, case conferences and other scholarly opportunities
  • Development of clinical education activities for students, nursing staff or peers that may include providing lectures, teaching clinical procedures, precepting a N.P. or physician assistant (P.A.) student, co-leading clinical skills labs or facilitating small groups during simulations or case discussions

Advanced NP-PRACTICE residents are immersed in the clinical practice environment with much of their time spent providing direct clinical care, supplemented with structured interactive advanced training. Throughout the residency, N.P. residents are asked to provide feedback on their learning experiences to ensure they receive meaningful educational opportunities that prepare them to enter professional practice at a high level of competency. N.P. residents are evaluated regularly by their preceptors and complete self-evaluations regularly.

Applications for 2024-2025 open Dec. 8, 2023. 

The information below provides additional details pertaining to the selection of the 2024-2025 cohort. 

Zoom interviews are conducted between March 11-15.

  • Candidates invited for an online Zoom interview are notified at the end of February.

Candidates accepted into the residency program are notified via email in early April.

  • Candidates have 72 hours to respond with their decision
  • If accepted, candidates must submit additional required documents (please refer to the Credentialing Documents Checklist)

Accepted residents must attend a mandatory pre-residency onboarding event (date TBD) which is conducted via Zoom in early summer.

Advanced NP-PRACTICE 2024-2025 residency cohort begins Oct. 1, 2024.

Dec. 8 — Application opens

Dec. 13 Optional informational webinar at noon p.m. PST. Register online »

Jan. 31 — Application closes at 11:59 p.m. PST 

Early-March — Applicants selected for interviews are notified 

March 5 — Question-and-answer session at noon PST for those candidates invited to interview

March 11-15 — Required candidate interviews are conducted online via Zoom

April 2-3 — Finalists meet with the FQHC where they will be assigned

Early April — Candidates are notified of acceptance into the program

End of May — Meeting with new cohort — Date to be determined (conducted via Zoom) 

Mid JulyMandatory pre-residency onboarding session — Date to be determined (conducted via Zoom)

Oct. 1 — Program for 2024-2025 cohort begins