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The Advanced Nurse Practitioner Primary care Residency in Addiction, Chronic care, Telehealth, Improvement science, Collaboration and Equity (NP-PRACTICE) Residency is a partnership between the UC Davis Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing, Medical Center and affiliated centers and clinics, School of Medicine and multiple Federally Qualified Health Clinics. The goal of the program, which is funded by a $3.5 million grant from the Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA), is to recruit up to 10 nurse practitioners every year for the next three years to rotate through UC Davis Health-affiliated centers, as well as community clinics in underserved areas throughout Northern California.

As the only academic health center in California’s vast Central Valley and northern rural regions, UC Davis Health is committed to nursing and medical education that results in improved health outcomes through interprofessional, community-based systems focusing on high quality, patient-centered care. The Advanced NP-PRACTICE residency seeks to expand medical capacity and improve health outcomes for primary care patients in Northern California rural and underserved counties through an innovative program that leverages the knowledge, skills and experiences of faculty and staff from several interrelated UC Davis Health programs.

All but one of the 33 counties in the UC Davis Health service area are listed either partially or completely as medically underserved areas (MUAs) by HRSA, including the urbanized core area of Sacramento and Yolo Counties in the Primary Service Area. Hence, it is urgent to increase the number of primary care providers that can work in MUA. Furthermore, providers who work in MUAs need to be prepared for the challenges they will face: the N.P. residency trains providers to succeed in practice.

How do N.P. residencies prepare graduates to practice?

Advanced NP-PRACTICE residency trains up to 10 recently graduated N.P.s each year to provide excellent primary care services in under-resourced areas. The training helps N.P.s succeed in today’s high-tech, fast-paced, team-based environment.

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The UC Davis Advanced NP-PRACTICE Residency program seeks up to 10 family or adult gerontological nurse practitioners every year for the next three years, 2020-2023, to rotate through UC Davis Health-affiliated centers, as well as community clinics in underserved areas throughout Northern California. Funded by a $3.5 million grant from the Health Resources & Services Administration (HRSA), the residency program is designed to support new graduate N.P.s in the critical first year as they transition into practice. The program’s primary goals are to accelerate N.P. resident development to sharpen knowledge and skills in evidence-based practice, critical thinking and decision-making as individual providers.

Throughout the residency experience, N.P. residents collaborate with expert clinicians as they expand their clinical knowledge, hone their skills and gain the confidence needed to fully participate in team-based primary care, particularly in rural and urban underserved communities. Additionally, this program supports N.P. residents in gaining competence in population health, quality improvement, patient safety, practice management, leadership, telehealth and select specialty care.

The Advanced NP-PRACTICE Residency is a 12-month, full-time, limited-term appointment and training opportunity. N.P. residents are engaged full time during the residency experience and typically scheduled for a minimum of 40-hour work weeks to meet all residency program requirements.

The N.P. residency curriculum includes an immersive, practice-based learning experience focused on organizational enculturation and professional development. This includes the following learning strategies:

  • Direct clinical care to patients at a primary care clinic within a mentored, structured environment with increasing responsibility for their own practice management as the year progresses
  • An understanding of the mission, vision and advanced practice quality metrics of the organizations where they work
  • Participation in select, short, online advanced-learning modules relevant to primary care practice
  • Interprofessional and individual simulation training at UC Davis state-of-the-art simulation centers
  • Opportunities to participate in quality improvement conferences, grand rounds, journal clubs, case conferences and other educational opportunities

Advanced NP-PRACTICE residents are immersed and practice in the clinical environment with a majority of their time spent providing direct clinical care, supplemented with structured interactive advanced training. Throughout the residency, N.P. residents are asked to provide feedback on their learning experiences to ensure they are provided meaningful educational opportunities that prepare residents to enter professional practice at a high level of competency.

  • Advanced NP-PRACTICE residents spend a majority of their time providing direct care in a primary care practice located at UC Davis Health or an underserved Federally Qualified Health Center (FQHC) site in Northern California learning continuity care and practice management.
  • Residents also experience short specialty care rotations, such as telehealth, wound care, pain management, cardiology, dermatology and nephrology to better understand how to manage such care in underserved areas.