The scholarships, awards and loan-repayment programs on this listing are not awarded by UC Davis, but are awards established by private organizations. This listing is based on information that we have collected at this time.  If you receive additional information about these programs or learn of any new awards we can include, we encourage you to share with us.

When requesting an award application, it is usually helpful to provide as much pertinent information about yourself as possible (e.g., grade level, area of residence, academic track, etc.) and how you meet the award eligibility criteria.

NOTE: All Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing programs are graduate programs.  Some of these programs may be restricted to undergraduates, so you may want to contact a program you are interested in to ensure they offer awards to students in graduate studies.

Some loans listed may be available at lower interest rates than some of the loans offered as part of your financial aid package.  If you apply for and receive an outside loan, you may request that it be used to meet a portion of the expenses normally funded by a federal Direct Loan, federal Graduate PLUS Direct Loan, or a private loan.  Contact the Financial Aid Office for details.

Please note, not all awards apply to every student. Please visit the organization’s website for more details regarding eligibility parameters. Some awards are program specific and others are open to all School of Nursing students.

Identifying additional sources of aid

Other potential sources of funds and information include local hospitals, hospital guilds and community organizations in your hometown.  The high school and/or college(s) you attended may also have funds available for Master of Science students.  Many companies and organizations sponsor scholarship programs for children and/or grandchildren of their employees or members. You or your parents/grandparents should inquire directly with the organization about the availability of educational assistance funds.

On the web

A number of free scholarship search services are available to students, including those below. The SmartStudent Guide to Financial Aid page provides links to many of the free search services and some of the fee-based searches as well.