Q: What degree will I earn?  
A: Ph.D.: Doctor of Philosophy in Nursing Science and Health-Care Leadership

Q: How long is the program?  
A: PhD: Four years 

Q: When are courses offered?  
A: Core classes are typically conducted weekly on Thursday afternoons and from 8 am to 5 pm on Fridays. Elective courses may be scheduled Monday through Thursday. Elective course times vary.

Q: What is the difference between PhD and DNP degrees?  
A: For information about whether it is best to pursue a Ph.D. degree or a D.N.P. degree based upon your career goals, visit the PhD and DNP comparison web page.

Q: How many letters of recommendation should I submit? Whom should I ask to write my letters of recommendation? 
A: Applicants are required to submit three letters of recommendation. If possible, letters of recommendation should include:

  • One letter that addresses academic performance
  • One letter from a research supervisor
  • One letter from an academic or professional supervisor

Q: When are application materials due?
A: Application materials, such as letters of recommendation and transcripts, must be submitted by the Jan. 15 due date.

Q: I have reviewed the website, but I want to learn more about your programs. Whom should I contact? 
A: You can send any additional questions to the applicant services team at hs-BettyIreneMooreSON@ucdavis.edu.

Q: May I meet with an admissions adviser?
A: Representatives may discuss questions or issues with potential applicants via e-mail at hs-bettyirenemooreson@ucdavis.edu; however, formal advising appointments are not available.

Q: Do you conduct information sessions or tours?
A: The how-to-apply videos on each of the program admission pages provides information similar to an information session. Formal tours and information sessions are not offered at this time. Please visit us at the UC Davis Pre-Health Conference in October! While this event is not hosted by the School of Nursing, it is a great opportunity to meet and hear from our current students, faculty, and staff.

Q: What are the programs costs?
A: Tuition and fees for all Nursing Science and Health-Care Leadership Graduate Degree Programs are set by the University of California Board of Regents and are subject to change. Tuition is based on residency as well as degree type (i.e. academic or professional). For the exact fee schedule, please visit: http://budget.ucdavis.edu/studentfees.

Q: Does the school determine residency?
A: The school does not determine residency. It is determined only by the Residency Officer on UC Davis Campus: http://registrar.ucdavis.edu/tuition/residence/index.cfm.

Q: Is preference given to California residents during the application process? 
A: No, no preference is given to California residents.

Q: Is preference given to UC Davis undergraduate or graduate students during the application cycle?
A: No, the School of Nursing reviews all applications equally.

Q: Do you offer distance-learning programs? Are the classes offered online?
A: No, all classes take place at the UC Davis Sacramento campus.

Q: Do any of your programs accept transfer students? Do you have a bridge program?  
A: No, there are no transfer opportunities or bridge programs available.

Q. Does your school operate on a rolling admissions cycle?
A: No, please make sure applications and all required materials are submitted by the deadline for consideration. 

Q: Do you offer a bachelor’s degree in Nursing?
A: No, please refer here for a list of schools with BSN programs.

Q: If I am not accepted, can I receive feedback on my application?  
A: If you are not accepted, you will receive an email from the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing as well as an official denial letter from the Office of Graduate Studies. Due to the volume of applications received, the school does not have the resources to offer individual feedback to each applicant.

Q: Are undocumented applicants eligible for enrollment?
A: The School of Nursing seeks to provide full disclosure for individuals who are undocumented: Undocumented applicants to the school’s clinical programs (physician assistant, nurse practitioner and entry-level nursing) must apply for a Childhood Arrival (DACA) work permit and a Social Security number, which are required for licensure exams upon graduation.

At this time, regulations governing clinical practice require licensure boards to use Social Security numbers to identify exam applicants. Without a social security number, students are unable to sit for licensure exams upon graduation. A Social Security number is also required for some clinical placements.

Q: If I am offered admission, can I defer my acceptance to another semester?
A: The Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing does not permit deferred admission unless there are extenuating circumstances beyond a student’s control that would prevent him or her from enrolling in the term he or she is admitted. Deferment requests are considered on a case-by-case basis. If you have a concern about your ability to start the program, please e-mail hs-bettyirenemooreson@ucdavis.edu.

Q: I have reviewed the website, but I want to learn more about your programs. Whom should I contact?
A: You can send additional questions to hs-BettyIreneMooreSON@ucdavis.edu. This is the best way to receive answers about the school’s programs and admissions process.

Q: Can you provide GPA statistics for admitted students?
A: The school does not calculate GPA statistics due to structure of the admissions process. All applicants are reviewed as a whole to determine their preparation for the graduate health care program as well as their fit for the school. Applicants should seek to exceed minimum requirements for admission when preparing for any of the graduate degree programs.

Q: What are the requirements for international applicants?  
A: All international applicants, regardless of their educational or professional background, must meet each of the requirements for admission that are listed on our website. In addition, international applicants and graduates must submit a course-by-course evaluated transcript and complete a TOEFL prior to submitting an application. Please visit the international graduate requirements page for more information.

Q: I have lived and worked in the US for years, but all of my transcripts are from another country. Is there a way to waive the TOEFL or IELTS requirement?  
A: Applicants must meet the English Language Requirement listed on the UC Davis Graduate Studies website. Please refer to the UC Davis International Applicant Website for information regarding the TOEFL or IELTS.

Q: What if my evaluated transcripts are not received by the deadline?  
A: You will not be considered for admission.

Q: I only have one official copy of my international transcript and I cannot get another copy from my home country. What are my options for submitting my transcript for your admissions?  
A: You may be able to obtain a notarized copy of the original transcript. Please contact the evaluation service directly for more information.

Q: I am an international graduate and practicing clinician. Do I still need to complete all of the prerequisites to be eligible to apply to the physician assistant program or Master’s Entry Program in Nursing? 
A: All applicants interested in applying to the physician assistant program or Master’s Entry Program in Nursing must complete all required prerequisites, regardless of their academic or professional backgrounds. A foreign medical degree does not serve in the place of prerequisite course work.

Q: Do I need a U.S. R.N. license in order to apply to the Doctor of Nursing — Family Nurse Practitioner Program?  
A: Yes.