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Our mission is to advance health and improve care for everyone. To do so, we — the faculty, staff and students of the Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing at UC Davis — must reflect the communities we serve. We see one another as whole people and not simply as single aspects of our personhood. For us, diversity recognizes an infinite number and intersections of dimensions of identity. Inclusion is about how we nurture a culture where opportunities extend equitably to each member. We believe in equity for all — we strive to make our school a powerful example of societal change. As we learn and work together, compassion and humility fuel our innovation and connect us with our communities. We commit to regular reflection on how seriously and substantively we enact these principles on a daily basis, so each of us leads to turn the tide in our national discourse on race, equity and justice.

Diversity and Inclusion Aspirational Goals, est. 2016

The Betty Irene Moore School of Nursing is committed to combining academic excellence with a passion for social justice to transform health care and improve health for all. We aim to foster a strong culture of inclusion and increase the diversity of faculty, staff, students and leaders. While we are an evolving young school with much progress to make, we are dedicated to transforming our health care systems and workforce so that we can reduce the unconscionable disparities that characterize our nation and improve the health status of underserved populations. We recognize achieving our aspirations requires lifelong learning. It is the responsibility of every member of our school to contribute to achieving our goals for diversity and inclusion, because these values are embedded in all our work. Our aspirational goals are that:

  1. Faculty, staff, students and leadership reflect the diversity of our community.
  2. A strong infrastructure exists to support diversity and inclusion.
  3. Student strengths and multiple intelligences are recognized and fostered through an inclusive learning environment.
  4. Sustainable partnerships in the community are mutually beneficial and collaborative.
  5. All individuals in the School of Nursing are accountable for maintaining and fostering a culture of inclusion.

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