Welcome to Betty Irene Moore Hall

This summer, we welcome small groups of students, faculty and staff into Betty Irene Moore Hall for simulation learning. Whether this is their first visit to Betty Irene Moore Hall as a new a student or a return after months away, working and learning together in this space is an adjustment for us all.

All of us at UC Davis Health work together to ensure our environment is safe, clean and healthy. We must lead as health care providers, educators and community members and model what it means to practice public health for ourselves and the health of those around us.

Please be sure when you are on campus that you:

  • mask when you are in the education and common spaces
  • take the online health screening survey each day you are on campus
  • report concerns to deputychro@ucdavis.edu so we can contact trace any possible infections
  • It is also expected that you wash your hands frequently and participate in posted cleaning requirements

Mask policy

If you are indoors, in a clinical or non-clinical area, you must always wear a mask, unless:

  • you are alone in an office or cubicle with walls higher than 52 inches.
  • you are sitting alone, more than 6 feet from any other person and actively eating or drinking something. (Meaning, you should not remove your mask for eating less than 6 feet from other people).

If you are in a non-clinical area, a cloth mask is preferred. Clinical masks in non-clinical areas are discouraged (even if self-provided) to reserve supplies of clinical masks for use in patient care.

If you are outdoors, public health regulations apply, including county mandates and the state’s new requirement that orders Californians to wear masks or face coverings in most public settings outside the home. In short, public health regulations state that people must always maintain a 6-foot separation from other people or wear a mask. 

More details are available from CDPH. Be sure to listen and watch for guidance from the student services team or your supervisor as these practices may change in response to any new public health guidance as well as new data and information about best practices.

We all have a whole new appreciation for being together and we desire a renewed sense of community. Together, we will continue to identify new ways to create a sense of belonging and shared experience.