Children’s Miracle Network funds new infant safety videos

Topics include soothing crying babies and safe sleep tips


Bringing an infant home from the hospital for the first time can be both exciting and worrisome for families. To help equip families with life-saving knowledge and skills when leaving the hospital, Children’s Miracle Network at UC Davis has funded three infant safety videos. They cover safe sleep practices, soothing your crying baby and infant cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CPR).

The videos are as follows:

“We wanted to provide a video education across all care areas and in languages that reflect the diversity of our patient population,” said Christa Mu, who submitted the CMN grant application. “Now families in both inpatient and outpatient settings can access this video education.”

The three videos were recorded in the eight languages most commonly seen at UC Davis Health: English, Spanish, Dari, Russian, Arabic, Punjabi, Vietnamese and Pashto.

The key collaborators in this initiative were the clinical nurse specialists at UC Davis Children’s Hospital: Christa Bedford-Mu, Lisa Tsang, Dawn Harbour, Amy Kuzmich, as well as Dannika Schauer, Nadia Carrasco and Angelique Silva.